SG3524 Regulating Pulse Width Modulators


The SG2524 and SG3524 incorporate on a single monolithic chip all the functions required for the construction of regulating power supplies inverters or switching regulators. They can also be used as the control element for high power-output applications. The SG3524 family was designed for switching regulators of either polarity, transformer-coupled dc-to-dc converters, transformerless voltage doublers and polarity converter applications employing xed-frequency, pulse-width modulation techniques. The dual alternating outputs allow either single-ended or push-pull applications. Each device includes an onchip reference, error amplier, programmable oscillator, pulse-steering ip op, two uncommitted output transistors, a high-gain comparator, and current limiting and shut-down circuitry.



• Complete PWM Power Control Circuitry.

• Uncommitted Outputs for Singleended or Push Pull Applications.

• Low Standby Current 8mA Typical.

• Operation Up to 300KHz.

• 1% Maximum Tempurature Variation of Reference Voltage.

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SG3524 Regulating Pulse Width Modulators
SG3524 Regulating Pulse Width Modulators


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