UV LED 5MM 365NM Ultraviolet LED 3.4V/4.0V


UV LED 5MM 365NM Ultraviolet LED are great tools for seeing and observing things that are normally invisible.


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UV LED 5MM 365NM Ultraviolet LED are great tools for seeing and observing things that are normally invisible.

This is 5mm Round Purple UV LED Diode Super Bright Water Clear LED Light which can be used to emit ultraviolet light.

365NM Ultraviolet LED emits ultraviolet radiation – a type of light energy – that is not visible to the human eye. When ultraviolet light hits certain objects, they can fluoresce – a phenomenon similar to a bright glow.

Many objects and substances such as paints, dyes, minerals, animals and body fluids exhibit fluorescence, which means that the presence of these things can be detected only when a UV light source shines on them.

UV LED 5MM 365NM takes the same shape and format as a standard white light flashlight, but instead of emitting white light, emits ultraviolet light. Virtually all UV flashlights use LED technology.

UV wavelengths typically are measured in nanometers (nm). Nanometer, a unit of length, is equal to one billionth of a meter.

UV LED 5MM 365NM have a narrow spectral output centered on a specific wavelength, +/- 15nm, with typical commercial UV LED lamps emitting at 365nm, 385nm, 395nm or 405nm wavelengths.

The irradiance (W/cm2 ) produced by UV LED light sources has increased consistently year over year because of advancements in both diode and lamp technology, and now is available at effective outputs higher than those offered by traditional UV curing lamp technologies.

UV LED lamp systems have enough power to conquer a wide range of applications and today are being used commercially to cure inks, coatings and adhesives.

Features: –

Special Feature Low Power Consumption
Light Type LED
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Indoor
Wattage 3.6 watts
Light Color UV Purple

UV LED 5MM 365NM Specifications: –

  • In excellent condition
  • Long lasting (over 100000hours)
  • Low Power Consumption
  • I.C. Compatible
  • Intensely Bright
  • Emitting Color: Ultra Violet
  • Wave Length: 365nm
  • Lens Type: Water Clear
  • Reverse Voltage: 5.0 V
  • DC Forward Voltage: Typical: 3.6V Max: 4.0 V
  • DC Forward Current: 20mA
  • Viewing Angle: 20°
  • Lead Soldering Temp: 260°C for 5 seconds
  • Intensely Bright

Package: –

1 x UV LED 5MM 365NM

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UV LED 5MM 365NM Ultraviolet LED 3.4V/4.0V
UV LED 5MM 365NM Ultraviolet LED 3.4V/4.0V


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